Corruption and Cockades - Better Together?

As the counting begins for the Scottish vote on whether to become independent of Great Britain, I thought it might be entertaining to look at an old election law in Great Britain.

Back in 1854, Britain began to formally define "Corrupt Practices" in politics. In "An Act to consolidate and amend the Laws relating to Bribery, Treating, and undue Influence at Elections of Members of Parliament," the following was sternly warned against:

Section VII: No Candidate before, during, or after any Election shall in regard to such Election, by himself or Agent, directly or indirectly, give or provide to or for any Person having a Vote at such Election, or to or for any Inhabitant of the County, City, Borough, or Place for which such Election is had, any Cockade, Ribbon or other Mark of Distinction; and every Person so giving or providing shall for every such offence forfeit the Sum of Two Pounds to such Person as shall sue for the same, together with full Costs of Suit; and all Payments within this Act.

So there you have it - Cockades and Corruption, a Clear Connection! LOL

What do you think of today's vote? Would you vote for or against Scottish independence?

And most importantly to me, would you wear a Scottish cockade? :)

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