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My family have always been history buffs. Some of my early memories include touring battlefields and wandering through historic houses. We were usually the last family to finish a tour because we read ALL the plaques!

The love of history is generational in our family. In the early 2000s, my grandparents convinced us to join them as Civil War living historians. It didn't take us long to decide this was the weirdest and most fun hobby we had yet tried!

In 2011 we prepared for week-long observances of the Firing on Fort Sumter in Charleston. As part of getting ready, we made ourselves some blue secession cockades. Several friends asked for one as well, so we opened an online shop to sell them. And the rest is - to use a bad pun - history.

I became fascinated with the stories behind each cockade - the person who sewed it, the person who wore it. In many cases, it took great courage to wear those cockades. I have read of instances where a person was liable for arrest or even death for wearing the "wrong" cockade. There's a fascinating story with each cockade!

I hope as you look through my website and shop that you will see a little of the beauty and drama of these lovely little bits of history! I write a weekly "Cockade Column" for those who want to hear more of the stories and images of cockades. It's free and I promise not to spam you! :)

Heather Sheen

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